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Post Halloween Special


Woah, what a Halloween! After a day (2 weeks to be exact) of appearing at "Spooky's haunted house" attraction on the East end of the city, playing a Ghostbuster proved to be alot more work than imagined! A doorman is not a slack job & we'll leave it at that. The scares, props & optical illusions at this seasonal wonder are amazing! To top it off the owner has a 55, 68 & 71 S&S combo cadillac ambulances. Very nice! It took a while adjusting to the darkness aside from the ocassional black light, but soon you got to know the wonderful people there, the jist of the rooms, passages & course of the 20,000 square foot house. It soon felt like home. My proton pack, trap, suit & various other Ghostbusting accesories took quite a beating but the extra cash at 6 bucks a hour seemed worth it. You always did have to watch out for the animtronic guy in the electric chair though. The motion sensors kinda had a mind of there own!
Below are some pics of what I would honestly call my best halloween yet!