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Ok all, I recived an E-mail from James one day describing what he was doing with his New ECTO-1A model kit & he packed a pretty good punch with words, phrases and sentences followed by a couple of pics. What I recived was the EXACT, zero differance except in size. Below are the smallest proton packs, goggles, computer screen type and detail that I've ever seen. and if the model pics alone dont satisfy you, there compaired to the real Mcoy. Enjoy!

Notice the yellow radar beacon on the rear drivers side just in front of the rear light bar Not included in the original model kit.
Below also notice the detail in the Proton packs, and light up scroll boards. The detail goes so far it even shows wear & tear on the cabin seats inside the Cadillac, in several comparison images from every angle possible percision holes the size of a thumb tac were cut to enhance its realism. Additional lightup scroll board messages were created from outside of the kit. Tinting of the windows, Proton Packs carved out of soap & all other Ghostbusting accesories needed on a call. Detail the size of the tip of a pin as added. Crome, checkers! & warning labels... with paint. Very Impressive!